Musick Built - Legacy Of Integrity  Since 1923
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   "Building- A Legacy of                                          Integrity" 
Musick Built, Ltd.
Ian Musick, was the founder of Musick Built, Ltd. in 1996, and is the latest proprietor in a series of four generations of construction professionals in Colorado dating back to 1923.
Ian's Great Grandfather G.M.Musick was a highly noted Architect in Denver who came to Colorado in 1909. Licensed in 1921 GM. Musick opened his office Musick & Musick, Architect Associates with his Architect brother J.Roger Musick in 1923. 

Musick & Musick projects included;
  • Stapleton Int'l Airport (1947)
  • Colorado State Capital annex
  • US Customs House
  • Wellshire Country Club
  • Lowry Air Force Base
  • Republic Building
  • Mile High Center with international renowned architect I.M. Pei.  
G.M.Musick, 1892-1977-Architect
Later, Musick & Musick was managed by GM. Musick's two sons Clayton Musick Architect, and Geo. Musick Jr. Engineer, through the 1960's. 
Geo. Musick's son J.M.(Mike) Musick- (Ian's father) set out as the third generation with JM.Musick Construction operating 1965 to present. 

                                                                                                                                   Denver's Republic Building 1925
Musick Built, Ltd.
Capitalizing on nearly 100 years of Colorado building, Musick Built is proud to continue the"Legacy of Integrity" into the new millennium.
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